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You got this.

Most people sweat before they even walk into the gym to start their fitness journey. 

That's because fitness can be utterly intimidating. At Crossfit Leduc, we strive to create a place of community where you can grow strong and reach your potential, all while being surrounded by people who believe in you. 

Lose Weight
Gain Self-Confidence

Build Strength & Mobility
Alleviate Stress

Improve Mental Health
Feel Motivated

We have programs for every age and fitness level!

Overcome your gym anxiety and get on the path to fitness!

Tell Us About You

We want to know more! Tell us about your fitness goals.

Sign Up For A Class!

Together we'll determine which fitness program is right for you.

Become Part Of Our Community

We can't wait to support, encourage and motivate you.

Memberships & Drop-Ins


Single, Couple & Family memberships are available in 1, 3, 6 & 12 month durations.


$20 per class.

Punch cards available

Meal Prep.png
CrossFit Leduc is now a Grab & Go location for Meal Prep for You!

We're excited to announce our partnership with MP4U – Delicious, nutrient packed meals to fit your lifestyle.

Meet Our Coaches


Ashley Kendrew



Sam McLean

CFL1, ISSA, PNL2 Master Health Coach, Bioforce Strength & Conditioning, CF Masters, CF Scaling


Jeremi Murphy

CFL1&2, CF Gymnastics, CF Weightlifting, CF Masters,

CF Scaling


Kyla Murphy

CFL1, Burgener Strength Weightlifting L1

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