Programs & Classes

RX & Endurance

Supercharge your strength, skill & cardio!

Running Clinics

Develop your running strength & resilience.

Look age in the face and turn your life around!

"Take our Facebook Challenge and
you could be the next BIG WINNER!"

- Brad 'Angus' Bendfeld -

Personal Training

Reach your personal goals with customized programming.

Learn the fundamental movements of CrossFit.

CrossFit For Beginners

Peer support & fitness program just for girls!

Girls Unlimited

Kick Start


Kick gym anxiety to the curb with our beginner bootcamp!

Change your eating habits & build a better relationship with food.


Fit Mamas

Become fit both physically and emotionally. Embrace your changing body!


Build confidence, physical ability & a lifelong love of fitness!

Teens, Tweens & Lil Ninjas

Due to COVID restrictions we are currently not running our regularly scheduled programming.