High school sweethearts, married for almost 20 years & constantly striving to make the world a better place.  




We invite you to come and see for yourself the transformations that happen in our gym every day. You can email the gym, or stop by to meet our coaches if you have any questions regarding whether our gym is the right fit for you. 

The Beginning...

I (Annie) have always been an entrepreneur at heart. When my husband, Brad, felt completely burnt out at his previous job as a welder, we knew as a family we had to make a change. I had previous experience as a personal trainer, and Brad started taking fitness courses. Soon enough we were running a training facility out of our garage. When the client list became too large for our little space, we took a chance and branched out into the gym we are in today – with the hope that the community would embrace us.  Brad and I are humbled every day that our business continues to grow and weave itself into the Leduc and surrounding communities. We have been able to give back by sponsoring mission trips, local athletes, and school fundraisers. Our gym patrons have embraced our fundraising efforts by attending events that benefit charities like the Asthma Society of Canada, as well as local services such as outreach for pregnant and parenting teens. While hosting our own in-house events, businesses have supported us by sending in their sponsorships through product donations for silent auctions, prizes for events, or by giving local discounts to our gym members. To us, this is the definition of community.  

Why CrossFit?  

Everyday there is a new “fad” or “quick fix” method of training. What drew us to CrossFit was the supportive community that it creates. It is our belief that CrossFit creates truly fit human beings by delivering workouts that support functional movement. Our members are trained to jump, run, squat, pull, push, and lift. Our classes support all age groups (including children and seniors), mobility (we are willing to work with physiotherapists and doctors to help with sports injuries), and fitness levels (everyone was a beginner at some point in their journey).  


What about our members?  

This has been the greatest part of our job. Every day we leave the gym feeling inspired by our members. Whether it is someone doing their first pullup after months of trying. Or, someone walking in on a day they feel the workout is out of their reach and watching them complete it. It is often the mental barriers that are the hardest to overcome, and our members overcome them daily. Our seasoned athletes are amazing role models and leaders for our beginners. Members have completed extra laps or reps, just to ensure that the last person to complete the workout was not alone. In our gym, like most CrossFit gyms, the last person to finish receives the greatest cheer. The goals of our members are not measured as a group, they are completely individual; however, we celebrate together. Adjustments to workouts are always recommended to ensure accuracy in movement, and of course, safety for our members. And of course, it is a lot of fun!